International Corners















The American Corner

  •      Opened on March 1st 2005, the American Corner at the University of Jordan serves the community of students and academics in their pursuit of knowledge concerning the various aspects of American culture. The basic function of American Corners is to make information regarding America accessible to foreign communities. American Corners are dedicated to the study and analysis of American culture. Students and observers of American culture alike are given insight not only into the political and economic aspects but also into a more comprehensive view that includes music, sport and Art.

  •     The Corner offers many services to students and instructors alike. Most importantly, it strives to establish productive links with various faculties such as the Faculty of Arts. In that regard, both the American Studies program and the English department are crucial to the Corner. Communication and cooperation are integral if the Corner is to fulfill its functions effectively. The services offered at the Corner include:

  •     Opportunity to read important resource books and journal articles and inspects the contents of several CDs and DVDs. Upon request, students can photocopy any needed material. They also receive help from a qualified staff in locating information and providing access to recent research on important topics. This is especially invaluable to graduate students who are preparing for an MA in American Studies.








The Korean Studies Unit

  •     The setting up of the Korean Studies Unit was      supported by the Korean Embassy and LG. It includes advanced audio-visual material, educational technologies, books and periodicals about Korea in Korean, English, and Arabic.

  •      The Korean Studies Unit is the latest addition to LC. It aims to introduce the Korean culture to all the UJ community, students and faculty members, especially those students who are studying the Korean language or those who are doing research on Korea.









The Italian Corner

  •      The Italian Corner (Angolo Italiano) was recently opened at the Center (November 5, 2006) and will serve Jordanians and foreigners alike to know more and explore the rich Italian culture and a meeting place to exchange cultures as well.