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Arabic Courses

The Arabic language program for speakers of other languages(ASOL) has been growing steadily with respect to both the number of students who enroll in it each semester and the quality of its teaching / learning environment. Since its inception in 1979, the University of Jordan Language Center (UJLC) has been offering courses in modern standard Arabic of various levels. Presently, LC offers six levels of intensive study: Arabic for beginners, remedial, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. All six levels are offered regularly and concurrently during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Registration in the advanced level is dependent upon the enrollment of a sufficient number of students. The emphasis in the program is on modern standard Arabic. Other levels are offered upon request.

Regarding the Arabic program, UJLC prides itself on three strengths in particular: its central, privileged location on the beautiful UJ campus in the capital of Amman; the excellent qualifications and renowned experience of its instructors; and the rich, diverse backgrounds of its students.

The Language Center has an unwavering commitment to providing the best possible support for its international students, both academically and in services provided to ensure a valuable education and a memorable stay at UJLC.

By studying at the Language Center, students will have the chance to be in direct contact with the Arabic language all the time, inside the classroom and outside. They may also make use of language partners from the university body that will help understand and appreciate the language and the culture.

We are proud to have the most experienced and talented instructors to help students improve their Arabic in addition to the safe and friendly teaching/learning environment.


Students can also participate in university sports activities/competitions, student clubs, library events, and special weekly trips to Jordanian sites.

Our courses are offered every university semester. Students with previous knowledge of Arabic are expected to sit for a placement exam after registration. The fall course (four months) starts in September, the spring course (four months) starts in February and the summer course (two months) starts in June. Students in all semesters study for 16 hours of classroom and lab instruction weekly. Taking into account that student should attend (80%) of the course to get a certificate  or an attendance letter.

We also offer special courses with private instruction for individuals and small groups. In these courses, instruction is geared towards studentsí specific interests. Time and duration of these courses will be set by the student in coordination with the Language Center. The price for these courses is $100 hourly per group (not per individual) noting that the group number is from 1-6 students.

Course Descriptions